Personal Review of Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact Foundation

I (Cherry) bought a new foundation: Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact Foundation. Let me share with you my personal review.

I had interested in this foundation, talking with one of my friends from South Korea. Seems now in South Korea, this kind of “Cushion Foundation” is on mode. And Lancome has big laboratory in Japan for Asia Pacific region, and there are many items (like my favorite powder foundation) made in Japan, but this product is Made in Korea.

Puff is in the refill package.

Show you the other side of this puff.

I pretty like this puff. On my face, this puff is so smooth and comfortable touch.

Anyway, back to the foundation itself.

They use the term of “cushion” to describe, but seems it is just a sponge. I thought it is just a liquid foundation in a sponge.

Let me show you on my arm how thin this foundation is.

I guess you can see my blood lines, uneven skin torn and some freckles.

Here you are! Beautifully smooth look isn’t it? I didn’t use any of primers!

Please compare the pictures above two. After applying this foundation, do you think I am “makeup”? My skin torn is naturally even, and when you find carefully, you will see my blue blood lines and freckle too. This is quite thin texture and sheer to middle coverage. Recently I was asked by one of our repeat customers, about thin foundation. In case of current formula, THREE’s Fluid, ADDICTION Dewy & Tint Skin Protector, and this Lancome are thin texture and sheer coverage, making look smooth and naturally glow.

I am satisfied with this look.

However I am wondering how should I do for this foundation. It’s perfume is too strong for me. I asked the girls behind me but they have favorite particular foundations each, Albion, THREE, SUQQU etc… Yes, Lancome is for me… and we rarely change foundation brands when we are satisfied with them.

I recommend this foundation to those people: looking for thin foundation, normal-dry skin, doesn’t care about perfume of foundations.

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Personal Review of Shiseido Haku Active Melanoreleaser

Shiseido’s Haku has good reputation as brightening item of affordable price.
They had sold emulsion look “essence” and sheet mask only for over a decade. They changed the policy and started to sell other products.

I (Cherry) got a sample of Shiseido Haku Active Melanoreleaser, new toner. I may tell you about Japanese skin care method later. Anyway, let me share with you my review of this product.

Shortly to say, this toner ( I am not describing this product as lotion) is a thick. I applied this product on my palm, I wanted to show you the color and how think this product. But Shiseido recommends to use this with cotton. Take this on your cotton, and wipe softly with circulating motion, so, I thought I should describe this product as “toner”.

Thick skin care items often sticky, but after applying this toner, it was far from sticky, just it moist my skin good level. This product is for brightening item, but of course I don’t feel my face is significantly bright only with this sample.

Oh, I forgot to tell you few things. At first stinger. I often feel stinger with those lotions, especially “brightening” and Shiseido products, but there are no stinger. And I also hate perfumed things, but I do not say this is a no perfume product, but it was acceptable level.

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Personal Review of Papawash Più White Washing Powder

In Summer, one of the most ordered items are Papawash items, especially Piu Clear and Piu White. I (Cherry) bought some packs of Papawash Più White Washing Powder (AKA Piu Powder Wash White)  .

This is a face wash, but powder type. I found it has something odd smell, thought smell of something protein.

This face wash is washing your face with papaw enzyme. It means you do not need to make rich bubble. But I could make richer bubble.

Frankly to say, this “Piu” is for teenagers, not for 30s! I was afraid of it is too strong for my dry skin. I have to admit this is strong face wash, but it was not quite strong. After my washing, I felt my skin was enough washed, and not dried.

Not pretty bad.

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Personal Review of Albion Excia AL CIRCULATING CLEANSING CREAM

I (Cherry) got a sample of Albion Excia AL CIRCULATING CLEANSING CREAM. Please let me share with you my personal review.

This “Cleansing Cream” is a makeup remover.

I like oils as my makeup remover, but the second best for me is cleansing creams. Because they are quicker to remove my waterproof makeup.

Here you are.

My makeups on my arm are below
Foundation: RMK Creamy Foundation N
Eyeshadow: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow
Lip: Lunasol Liquid Lips
Mascara: Facio
Eyeliner: THREE Shadow Performance Eyeliner
Letters: Coffret D’or Super Sharp WP

Facio (Mascara), THREE Shadow Performance Eyeliner and Coffret D’or Super Sharp WP are waterproof items. When I use gel/ liquid makeup removers, all of they I had tried can not remove those waterproof makeups, and some of they are even hard to remove Lunasol Liquid Lips. Compared with those things, you can significantly see how easy to remove waterproof makeups by this Albion cleansing cream.

This is the reason why I recommend to use oils or creams to remove your makeup.

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I (Cherry) got a sample of Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Wash. Let me share with you my person al review.

This kind of “foam” are so easy to make bubble. This is one of the most easy to do, as I had tried.

The perfume of AQMW is sandalwood, and this is also. I like this elegant smell.

Sometimes face washes make my face super dry, but I did not feel that. Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, I found some are saying it cleared their black pores. I have big pores, but they are not black, and I don’t feel it cleared my pores.

That’s right this face wash is not cheap, and this is just a face wash. But I have not found a face wash with a sandalwood scent. If you like a scent of sandalwood, it will be a try worth.

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