Wanna have Hythiol C Plus??

Cystina C is a famous vitamin C in Japan, and I (Cherry) also use Hythiol C Plus often.

They are not pretty big different product. Both are categorized as medicine. Why Hythiol C Plus? Just accessibility for me, I can find this easier than Cystina C, that’s all.

They are in glass bottles, heavy bottles, and we wrapped pretty carefully. They were wrapped by bubble wrap, and covered.
If you need this product, ask us! We do as customs order. Please check by yourself whether your countries customs accept medicines imported by mail or not. We just write as “Vitamin”. In case of prohibited and removed by the customs, we could not refund it. Order us in your own risk. Ask us from “Contact US“.

Price; JPY8,000 (3 bottles, 180 seeds per a bottle)
Shipping; JPY2,000 (Asia)
JPY2,500 (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ)
JPY3,000 (Russia, Europe)
Shipped by EMS.

*The price could be changed in situations.

Personal Review of SUQQU Moisture Repair Essence

I got a sample from Suqqu. SUQQU Moisture Repair Essence

Suqqu’s “essence” is a booster, namely you shall use this product just after your face wash.

I had used Repair Essence before. I used it as an emulsion. Sometimes, I used that one only, or used after my lotion. I do not feel this is oily product, and it moist my skin pretty well.

Compared with that “repair Essence” and this “moisture Repair Essence”, this product seems for more drier skin. But to be honest, I am not comparing them to use in the same time, I can not compare.

The perfume is the same with Suqqu’s skincare line.

I hate perfumed priducts, but I like Suqqu’s perfume. Indeed this remains longer, it is not fun.

I often have problem with emulsions which have stinger on my skin. In this time, there are no stinger. If you are looking for something to moist your skin well, why don’t you try it?

Check the latest price, and order from here; SUQQU Moisture Repair Essence.

Personal Review of Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N

Sorry! I (Cherry) found I forgot to upload my personal review of SUQQQU Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N.

The sample color is 102,  standard color for Japanese skin. If you are an Asian, especially Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, we recommend to try from this color at first.

Anyway, let me share with you my review.

This color is so fit for my arm.


Frankly to say, because of the picture quality is not perfect. I like this finish. But when it is on my face, it covers my uneven skin torn well, but it looks a doll in bad meaning. I can not forget to apply brush and lips to make my face lively and healthy.

I know this foundation is not cheap. But you do not need to buy primers, it is not pretty bad price, I am sure. And you can finish your makeup so quickly.  Suqqu recommends to us to use sunscreens as under this primer. But it has SPF30 PA++ effect, I guess it is enough for single use in Japanese winter.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N

Personal Review of Suqqu Moisture Massage Scrub

I (Cherry) have tried this product. It is not only a massage cream with scrubs, but also a face wash.

At first, I like it very much.

Personal Review
If you have read my other reviews, you would know I dislike cosmetics with perfume. This product is also with perfume, and I have to admit this is the only one point which I dislike. You would also know I am not always fine with the items contains alcohol/ ethanol. This product contains alcohol/ ethanol, but there are no pain for my skin.

1) As a massage cream
I have used massage creams before, but there are no big difference excluding scrubs. I do strong when I do as Suqqu’s massage method, but because of the scrabs, they are softer than other items, it was a little bit scared to do stronger. I did quite softly.

2) As a face wash
I have used other scrab face washes includs French famous brands, and this is not the first item. I feel they are making artificial film on my skin when I use some face washes with “moist” or “gain moist”. But this product is good. I do not feel such “films”. Secondly, this product is sticky and quite easy to put on my face. Not sticky, but I should better to describe it as adsorb. You can not make form in this item, but because it adsorbs, there are no problem.

Whom Cherry Recommend for?
If you have oily skin, or those who love stronger face wash, I suggest you would not satisfy this product. But If you have dry or combination skin, it could be good.

Check the latest price, and order from here;”Suqqu Moisture Massage Scrub“. (written in 2012)


I (Cherry) also tried this Suqqu Moisture Massage Scrub in summer 2013. Let me share with you my new review with product pictures. I tried sample.

suqqu scrub1 suqqu2

In this picture, it looked like white cream, but actually it is white pink paste with few color scrubs.



When you massage softly, you will find most of the scrubs are broken. I wonder whether you can see the shells of color scrubs or not, but actually there are some small color–especially orange scrub shells.

Last 2 years, I used L’OCCITANE ‘s scrub. I felt it make a film on my skin to keep moist, and I liked this Suqqu, because there are no film. In this year, I tried this Suqqu, I find some new feelings.

Compared with RMK Gel Scrub, this Suqqu is more sticky not gel but cream. I felt like RMK is removing my old keratin with scrubs, but this Suqqu is removing my old keratin with this sticky paste. RMK’s gel is make things smooth, I am sure. Last year, this Suqqu is the first item of breaking/ melting scrubs, I amazed. But in this year, I had already tried RMK or Lunasol, especailly Lunasol, I needed to some power—quite small to break this scrubs. I am wondering whether it is good for my skin or not. I should not try to break all of the scrubs!

This is pretty good item as a scrub face wash, it removing my old keratin, and gain moisture my skin.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Suqqu Moisture Massage Scrub“.