ADDICTION 5th Anniversary Compact

ADDICTION is one of the best seller brand for us.
They celebrated 5th Anniversary.

This ADDICTION 5th Anniversary Compact Red Addiction is one of the limited palettes.

How beautiful this Red is! But this is already sold out.

Sometimes people ask us to find limited products which are already sold out or before pre-order period. It is often hard to know whether it is quite limited or limited for one season. We can help you gladly when you ask us before pre-order period. But we can not help you when it is already sold out.

When you find we are dealing limited products, it could be lucky. Please do not miss limited products! We are going to deal lots of Holiday season coffrets too!
We upload those hard to fid items on “Limited & Seasonal

Back to this ADDICTION eyeshadow. If you feel this red might fix for you, please visit us ADDICTION Eyeshadow. #025M Alice is this color.


Waterproof sunscreens special kit!

We do not deal small bottled sunscreens, because they are sometimes limited, and hard to find on late summer, and we guess it is a little bit wired to go to obtain products cost only JPY1000, but shipping is JPY1500.

Yet it is still June, and still there are small bottles in the stores. We can obtain them.

We made a 6 bottles kit.

Kose Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk 25ml
Shiseido Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen A+N 25g (White Tube)
Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N 25ml (Golden Bottle)
Kanebo Allie UV Moisture Gel 25g (White Tube)
Kanebo Allie UV Perfect Alpha 25ml (White Bottle with Blue Letters)
Kanebo Allie UV Whitening 25ml (White Bottle with Golden Letters)

Are included.

If you have interest on this, please order us ASAP. We accept the order for this kit until 29th of June.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “Waterproof sunscreen 6 bottles Kit

Summer Vacation 2014

It is still the rainy season here. Once the rains ends, the summer will be sunny & humid.

Since orders slow down in early July at Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics, we have decided to take our vacation at this time too.

From July 1st through July 10th, all the girls at Cherry’s will be off duty. The website will continue to accept your orders, and Cherry will respond to your orders you as soon as possible from Europe so we can ship your orders after July 11th.

To our customers who ordered the ADDICTION Palette, please do not worry. While in Europe, Cherry will contact the stores to book a palette for you.

Responses to direct messages, comments, and e-mails not related to the order will be answered after July 11th.

Orders placed between June 25th and July 4th may experience a delay in shipping. Please see the details below for order dates and shipping dates.

Products from Kanebo, Shiseido, Kose, and Kao and all Albion brands including Ignis

· Orders placed by June 29th will be shipped before 30th
· Orders placed between June 30th and July 4th will be shipped on 11th or 12th.

Products from other brands

· Orders placed by June 24th may be shipped before 30th.
· Orders placed between June 25th and July 4th will be shipped on 11th or 12th.

Thank you for understanding; we hope you have a good summer vacation!

Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics

Have you checked ADDICTION Ready to Wear Eye Palette 5th Anniversary?

ADDICTION is one of the most ordered makeup brands for us.
This is pretty cool colors, but in person, it is so difficult to use.

In this summer, AYAKO the director is making limited 3 palettes. Red, Black and White.
As our experience, ADDICTION’s limited palettes are quite limited, and it is often sold out during pre-order period. The sales day is 11th of July, but we accept the pre-order until 29th of June. When we could obtain them after 11th of July, we may upload it again.

It would be hard to obtain through the official net stores. We will book them during the physical stores, and shipped. We have to rise up the price than usual, because of the expenses.

Seems all the colors are from ADDICTION Eyeshadow
Do you use all the Quad colors? If you thought this limited palette is cool, but not easy to use all the colors, choose colors from ADDICTION Eyeshadow.

Please check the colors, and order from here;”ADDICTION Ready to Wear Eye Palette

Personal Review of RMK Gel Creamy Foundation

I (Cherry) obtained a sample of RMK Gel Creamy Foundation. The color is 102, the standard color for Japanese skin.

I applied RMK Creamy Polished Base N as the primer.

I was surprised this beautiful, flawless, and natural look.

The beauty consultant in RMK told me that this is moist type, so I was afraid that it would be oily and easy to run. But there are no problem for me. It covered well from morning to evening. It is far from oily and so light texture. And it maybe good that it is not making my skin drier.

SPF24 PA++ seems too weak to use in Japanese Summer.

If you are looking for foundations which are fitting well, but also light, this might be for you.

Please check the colors and the latest price; “RMK Gel Creamy Foundation“.

Example Of the Shipment: Ipsa Cleansing Oil EX

Seems we have not updated our recent package example.
In this time, we are going to show you IPSA Cleansing Oil EX, which is constantly ordered by our customers. This is a pretty good product.

They have a simple package, and there are no original paper/ plastic boxes. Please no worries. We wrap pretty carefully.

At first, I forgot to take a picture of the naked product. I wish you may find a small seal on the head. It is by IPSA, and means it is unopened.

We also use bubble wrap to protect the nozzle.

And bubble wrap.

In this time, we did paper wrap & big air bags.

This paper wrap is not always, recently. When the order is only one or two, we ship things with paper package, we often use paper wrap to protect the product. When the order is a lot, we ship with paper box, which is tough, and not missing the products, we rarely wrap by papers. The air bags are also. They are case by case.

We guess this is enough to ship this product. Over wrapping? Hmm, we do not know.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “IPSA Cleansing Oil EX“.