Personal Review of Astalift White Essence Infilt

We chose Astalift White 5 days trial kit as our Japanese Girls’ Beauty Box, DEC 2014.

This red color is common color among “Astalift” brand, this is from Lycopene.

This essence is a product designed as using after your lotion. You may see it is not oily product. Apply whole of your face.

Frankly to say, as brightening essence thing, I prefer pin point focusing products like Sofina White Professional (Stick). Because if whole of my face is brighter, you will find MUCH easy to find my freckles (this is one of the reasons why I do not recommend to use lighter color as your foundation). This is a problem. So, I prefer use brightening products focusing on my freckles, and let them go.

So, I used this product on my problem parts, scar marks of acne and mosquito bitten, spots by tanning. I do not know whether it is working or not. Sofia White Professional Stick worked pretty well, I feel, but when I stop using Sofina, I find some of my freckles are coming back. So far, as using this Astalift White Essence Infilt, I do not think most of my freckles which are hidden by Sofina are not appeared. Maybe it is working on my skin. Of course it is just I am feeling, and none can promise it will work for you.

The perfume is the same as its lotion, not pretty stinky for me. When I applied this product whole of my face, I did not feel my face is drier, but frankly to say, I need oil.

Astalift White Essence Infilt, and in JPY Branch

Personal Review of Astalift White Lotion

This is a small bottle in a trial kit, which we decided to include our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box Dec 2014.

This lotion itself is red. RED!? Yes. The color is by Lycopene, this color is common among this “Astalift” brand.

There are some products focusing on brightening, it means not make your skin whither, but it is just saying “helping your skin to keep not tanned”. This “Astalift White Lotion” is including Arbutin, according to the brand, Arbutin prevent glowing melanin.

I used this product, for 5 days, the trial bottle is set as for 5 days. I do not know whether my skin is getting brighter. But there are some good point of this product. There are some brightening products which are not enough to moist my skin, but this product make moist my skin well. It maybe because this “Astalift” brand is for anti-aging brand. And it has perfume, but not strong, I do not love it but I do nether hate this perfume, which reminds me tomato (famous as rich Lycopene).

Astalift White Lotion, and in JPY Branch

Personal Review of Fancl BC Beauty Concentrate

There is a half bottle of BE Beauty Concentrate, which is a new product for Winter 2014.

When I pull up the cap, there is also a cap.

Remove this inside cap.

The yellow-white cream is a little bit oiler than Fancl’s “essence” products. My skin is drier, and I guess I need oil more. If you are a person, who dislike the products with oil, this is not for you. There are great products, like cream or emulsion with oil, but there is no artificial perfume in this Fancl BC Concentrate. This is the reason why I may repeat this product.

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Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Dec 2014

We shipped Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Dec 2014

What we choose was “Astaleft White” this is a 5 days kit.


2 packs of Sunscreen
Astalift White Lotion
Astalift White Essence Infilt
Astalift White Cream

Just to avoid leaking because of the air pressure, we seal them.

So, we have to open a package seal too. They are just for the safety shipping to you.

Wanna have this kit?? We have no plan to deal this kit itself again. Keep your eyes on our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box.

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Astalift White Lotion, and in JPY Branch

Astalift White Essence Infilt, and in JPY Branch

Astalift White Cream, and in JPY Branch