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Welcome to Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics.

We are Japanese girls who love cosmetics. We ship hard to find Japanese cosmetics DIRECTLY from Japan anywhere in the world except Japan. We have had many satisfied customers from as far away as North Americas, Europe, Russia, and Asia including Mainland of China.

If you have some brands which we have not updated yet, please request us in any ways, comments, contact foam, by e-mail etc.

Contact us; cherry [at] cherryscosmetics.com

Department Brands  ( basically we can ship in 5-10 Japanese business days)

 Fancl  IPSA  Lunasol
 Jill Stuart (Custom Order Only)  RMK  Shu Uemura
 Suqqu  Three  Anna Sui (Custom Order Only)

French Brands
Because Japanese Original price is expensive, we strongly recommend check whether you can obtain them in your home country at first.

 Dior  Lancome  Make Up For Ever (Custom order only)


We often obtain Shiseido items both through the net or from the street shop.   ( basically we can ship in 4-7 Japanese business days)

 Anessa Haku   Maquillage
 d Program  Kabuki/ Japanese Stage Make-up  Shiseido White Lucent

Other Department Brands & Drugstore Brands which we go to obtain street shops.

Thursday (Drugstore Brands only)

 Allie by Kanebo  Coffret D’or by Kanebo  Kate by Kanebo
 Sofina Jenne by Kao  Sofina Whitening by Kao
 Sekkisei by Kose

Friday (Drugstore Brands only)

 Albion  Ignis



We can ship within 5-10 Japanese Business days.

Hada CRiE Hot & CoolFace CRiELip CRiE


Tuche by Gunze