Beauty tips — How do you remove your makeup?

What is the purpose of “Natural Makeup”? Exactly, it is making your skin look smooth and flawless. So, if you have serious issues with your skin, they will make it difficult to achieve the “Natural Makeup” look. Finding the right skin care method to address your skin problems can be confusing, and it takes time to be certain the products “works” with your skin.

There are many skin care methods. Describing all of the skincare possibilities is not practical, so I guess the most efficient approach is to let you know what you SHOULD NOT do. The worst thing for your skin is going to sleep without removing your makeup.

The difference of “Cleansing” and “Foam”

Before I begin talking about removing makeup, I want to avoid miscommunication with the words “cleansing” and “face wash”. A few days ago, while I prepared this article, I found this search sentence: “suqqu reset cleansing cream vs defining foam review.” Maybe this person is looking for a review of comparing SUQQU Reset Cleansing Cream and SUQQU Reset Cleansing Foam. In Japan, there are lots of products that use the word “Cleansing”, which are often makeup removers, not face washes. Products with the word “Foam” things are often face washes. This can be extremely confusing. In Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics stores, we explain whether products are makeup removers or face washes in the descriptions.

Do you need use makeup removers?

Anyway, back to the importance of removing your makeup. There are various types of makeup removers including gels, creams, oils, etc. If you do not wear much makeup, for example just some powder, simply washing your face with face wash may be all that you need. The choice is yours.

In my case, I have severe eye inflammation (conjunctivitis), which is better today but along with allergies, my eyes are sensitive year round. Also, because I sweat a lot, I hesitate to use eyeliners on the inner rim of my eyelids (water line). I must always use waterproof eyeliners. Luckily, I have think and rich eyelashes, but I still like using mascaras. I wear sunscreens during all seasons, and they are not always easy to remove by face wash only. As you can imagine, I need to use makeup removers.

As a honest reviewer…

I have personally tested a lot of makeup removing products. You may find them in “Cherry’s Product Review“. Yeah, I tested tons of makeup removers!

Basically, oils remove makeup the quickest and there are tons to try. Cream makeup removers the second best. Cleansing milks are good, but they do not remove all of your makeup as quickly or as easily as creams. There are so many interesting cleansing gels and liquids, some have cooling or warming effects. In my experience, gels and liquids just don’t remove waterproof products. Of course there are some exclusions, Shiseido White Lucent actually works better as a cleansing gel.

I really don’t use gel or liquid cleanser including milks anymore. Often I would have to use several cotton balls and apply a lot of pressure to remove makeup. Even then, some makeup remained. So, now I know that for me, both gels and liquids are not only waste of my money and time, but using them can hurt my skin. I need to scratch my skin by cotton. I do not buy those products for myself any more. You can see the pictures in the article in the tag of “makeup remover“.

So, in my opinion, if you want to remove your makeup quickly, use cleansing oils. They work fast and are easy to remove. This is my preference and recommendation. Are you worrying that your skin will be dry or become oily? To be honest, I have not had problems with cleansing oils making my skin drier or too oily. If you feel cleansing oils are making your skin too oily or too dry, please check the directions for proper use. Or…try cleansing creams.

Direction for proper Use of Oil Makeup Removers

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil is the remover I am using right now. Please let me show you the way my favorite cleansing oil will remove makeup. This product removes my makeup so quickly. I love it.

Foundation: Albion Tight Film Foundation
Letters: Coffret D’or Super Sharp
Eyeliners: ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil (Moss Ball )& THREE Shadow Lining Eyeliner Pencil (Army Moonwalk)

These eyeliners are waterproof and the ones I typically wear. Trust me when I say they are hard to remove. I will explain the steps to take to use this cleansing oil and show each step on my arm.

1) Apply cleansing oils on your face.

In the photo, I have applied one drop on my arm. Then I added 2-3 more drops of oil. Usually, I don’t use cotton balls (buds, square, etc.) to remove the oil. Maybe because of the uniqueness of Japanese bath time, Japanese girls usually use makeup removers in the bathroom. (Not showering!) In hotels or so, I use this before showering. This article is not for talking about Japanese bath time, if you wondering about Japanese custom in bath time, please go google by yourself.

2) Spread oils on your face

Below you can see the where I have rubbed the oil across the cosmetics on my arm. Ughh, dirty!!!

3) Add water few by few.

In this photo, I used Avene Water (you can see the can on the right of this picture)

You can see a white part on my arm. When cleansing oil and water are rubbed together, they become white. This is called “emulsifying”. This is the most important part of using cleansing oils. Moving slowly, with a few drops of water at a time, massage the oil and water until all of the oil has emulsified. This is how the oils work to remove all of your makeup. Now, using lukewarm water, rinse away all of the cleansing oil.

4) Use your face wash, not pretty much.

Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils do not require that you use face wash after their cleansing oils. For me, I still like to use a face wash to remove any residue left on my skin. When you follow up with a face wash, you will not need to use very much. Always use gentle products to protect your skin. I will tell you about face washes in the next installment.

Please remember I need special makeup removers, because I use waterproof items. If you use only powders, I you may be able to use a face wash instead of special makeup removers. When I do not use waterproof items, I use face washes only.

Cherry’s Recommendations

If you want to use cleansing oils that can be used with wet hands, I believe Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil is the best. Some products require that you start with dry hands. For example, THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil is what I am using when I am writing this article and you do not begin with damp skin.

If you are looking for cleansing creams, I think SUQQU Reset Cleansing Cream  is a nice product. I suggest that you remove these products with cottons and then use a face wash. But do not scratch.

Do you prefer gels? Hmm…Shiseido White Lucent is really good. If you are interested in purchasing it, please ask us. We will do the custom order. My guess is that most of the readers can obtain this product in your country. Due to shipping costs, it might be cheaper to order in country. If you cannot purchase this in your home country, just let us know.


Personal Review of Astalift Moisture Foam

I (Cherry) used Astalift Moisture Foam, this is a trial size.

Oh! It is also red!

It is so easy to make bubble. See how rich it is! I just used cold water.

This is pretty nice isn’t it?

The perfume is not strong, and this is also attractive for me. After washing my face, I often feel face washes make my face drier. But with this Astalift face wash, I did not feel that. Pretty nice.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Astalift Moisture Foam

Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA

We chose Albion Infinesse Trial Set IA as our Japanese Girls’s Beauty Box: Fen 2015.
This is the final item: Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA. Other items are “mini size”, but this is the very sample size.

This has a name of “gravity resistance”. Seems this is for lifting your face up. Albion recommends to use this pointing on your face, and make “L” letter with your thumb and first finger and massage with following the corner of your face.

I have less problem with gravity I am sure. For me, it does not working, it was another emulsion.

Checking how Japanese reviewers are saying, I found some are saying after done with whole bottle of this product they found it worked their pores. Seems aged pores are getting bigger because the corners are getting down. But when they are used this as emulsion (as I felt this is another emulsion), it means they used after their lotion, it does not enough to moist well at dry season.

Now, I wanna clean up my pores what I am feeling about pores, and my pores are not bigger because of my age. This product is too early for me, in person, I am sure. But I noted when my pores are gibber because of my age, I will try to use this line.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA


We chose Albion Infinesse Trial Set IA as our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Feb 2015.
Here is my (Cherry’s) review of its lotion: Infinesse Moisture Lotion IA.

Lotion is the second from the right.

Let me show you this lotion on my hand.

This is a half-transparent lotion. It is not pretty much sticky. Yet to be honest, after applying Infinesse Moisture Milk IA a lot, I feel it is not easy to use without cottons. I like doing cotton pack with this lotion (see also: Beauty Tips — Lotion Pack/ Cotton Pack) .

I had no need to worry about stinger on my skin. After using this, my skin is better condition: neither dry nor oily.

Yes, the problem is its perfume… too floral for me :(( This is only one problem of this lotion in person.

Please check the latest price and order from here: Albion INFINESSE MOISTURE LOTION IA or Albion INFINESSE TRIAL SET IA

Personal Review of Albion INFINESSE MOISTURE MILK IA

We chose Albion Infinesse Trial Set IA as our Japanese Girls’s Beauty Box: Feb 2015.
In this time, we are going to show you my (Cherry’s) personal review of its “milk”

Albion is famous as its unique method: wash, milk, lotion, and extra items. In other brands, this “milk” is called as “emulsion”. Like Fancl, there are some not oily emulsions, but Albion’s milks are oily.

The reason why they recommend to use their milk first, originally it means removing all of makeup removers or something left from your face. So, they recommend to use cotton to wipe your face softly. But I use face wash after my makeup remover, I need both water and oil. According to Albion, their milk is the same balance with ideal skin water/ oil balance. I do not hate applying their milk on my washed face.

Sometimes I feel stinger with those items, but usually I have no need to worry with Albion items. I have to admit when I feel my skin is having something problem, I run to Fancl. I can feel my skin has enough moist and oil, and comfortable.

I went to one night two days weekend vacation. As you know it is so dry in hotel rooms. I often wake up with super dried face. I need spend long time to recovering my skin. In this time, I brought this milk, and I applied this milk again at night. I did quite heavy layer!!! At morning, I found my face is oilier. As long as there are no pimples, that is much better than drier skin.

There are one problem with Albion. Yes, perfume… :(

To be honest, I can not compare milks of Albion’s Exage, Exage White, Infinesse White, Excia AL, and Excia AL White now, excluding the perfume.

I asked a girl who goes to obtain Albion products often to ask some milk samples to the store. I may write comparing review soon!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion INFINESSE MOISTURE MILK IA  or Albion INFINESSE TRIAL SET IA