Personal Review of RMK Creamy Foundation N

At AW 2014, RMK changed RMK Creamy Foundation to Creamy Foundation N.
Few years ago, I (Cherry) used RMK Creamy Foundation, still Creamy Foundation N is the same square bottle shape.

This was the half size, exclusive for DFS. Unfortunately we can not deal this size.

Anyway, we got a sample of new RMK Creamy Foundation N, let me share with you my review. Let me apply this foundation on my naked arm at first.


The color is 102, the standard color for Japanese. If you are North-Eastern Asian, our recommend is try 102 at first.

I thought it is a little bit harder than I had expected. It is the difference between Creamy foundations and Liquid foundations that runny or a little bit harder. You can choose the texture which you like.

rmk foundation

Uh, that’s enough isn’t it? Could you see uneven skin tone? I guess this is fair.


OK, The next is with RMK Makeup Base, which RMK also gave us with this foundation sample.

rmk mub found

RMK Makeup Base does not make my skin looks even skin tone.

rmk mub foundation

Still you can find my spots pretty easily. I guess it is because of the lightning. Anyway, RMK recommends to use primers with this foundation, but seems even using this foundation only, it could cover small uneven skin tone. But I recommend to use primers. This foundation is “moist” type, but frankly to say, I felt it is drying after I took second picture. When I applied primer for 4th picture, I could kept my arm moist pretty well.


I had used RMK Creamy Foundation, 103, it was good when I obtained, but frankly to say, it was darker when I had done with this.  We Japanese girls change foundations each seasons, for example, I am using powder foundation during late May to mid Sep, but other seasons are with creamy foundations. Sometimes we change colors too. Our skin tone and colors are different from everyday, and we often mix colors on my hands to find the best color.

Case Shape

I used a half bottle of this foundation of previous formula, and seems still they are using a square bottle. Frankly to say, it was not pretty easy to use the square bottles at all. Yes, the corner. I am a person, who wanna use ALL of the product, and happy to through away the perfectly empty bottle. Why?? hmm, that’s me… Anyway, if you are kind of person like me, you may feel annoying to take the foundation on the corner. My recommend is SUQQU Creamy Foundation N, which is just a jar, and easy to use (but the price is not cute!)

Check the latest price and  order from here; “RMK Creamy Foundation N

Personal Review of RMK Makeup Base

Let me (Cherry) share with you my personal review of RMK Makeup Base.

When I was young, I was a big fan of RMK, and still I like this brand. Perfumed foundations and primers are not my taste, and I liked RMK because this product does not contain perfumes excluding skin care products.

Anyway, I often bought this makeup base, and the recent was just started this “Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics”. To wright my reviews etc, I bought a kit.

RMK Makeup base is the second from the left.

Recently, RMK changed the director from RUMIKO to KAORI. Kaori is changing foundations and primers, I had expected she is also going to change Makeup Base too, but as of AW2014, she is not changing this makeup base.

I obtained a sample of makeup base with Creamy Foundation N, and show you.

rmk base

You may see the color of the primer. This is just milky. Spreading on my arm.


Done with applying.

rmk mub

I had liked this RMK Makeup Base pretty much because this foundation primer does not change my skin color. Yes, this has no effect of making my skin brighter, flawless effect, nor sunscreen effect.

Why I liked?

When I was young, I used to be applying powder foundations. I apply this product to make powder foundations fit my face more and more. Recently there are many foundations, like SUQQU, they are selling foundations “you can apply this foundation without primer!”, yet basically, I recommend to apply primers when you use powder foundations.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:”RMK Makeup Base“.

Personal Review of SUQQU Moist Pact Foundation N

5th of Sep, Suqqu produced new foundation, SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation N.

We got a sample of this product, and share with you Cherry’s Personal Review.

The color is 102, the standard color for Japanese skin.


Frankly to say, I thought it might be dark for my skin. Anyway, let me show you this foundation on my arm.

Because of the righting, the color is a little bit pail than from what I see.

moist 1

Anyway, it is we can apply this product without primers that the good point of SUQQU’s “Flame Fix” foundations.

You can see a spot, on my arm. See it.

moist pact

See, my arms are more and more flawless with this foundation. Of course, when you apply foundation primers or concealers, like Lunasol Under Eyes Concealer, it is so easy to hide your spots.

The second good point is this is without perfume.

Compared with “Lasting Pact Foundation N” and “Moist Pact Foundation N”,

Sunscreen Effect: L;SPF30 PA+++ &; M; SPF25 PA++
Water resistance effect: L; stronger &; M; weaker

For me, it is colder, but when I go outside, it is still easy to sweat, not pretty much. I felt Moist Pact Foundation N is a little bit easy to run out for this season. When I stay at room, this foundation is pretty good to keep my skin comfortably moist.

Please check the color, and latest price from here;”SUQQU Frae Fix Moist Pact Foundation N“.

Wanna have Cystina C?

Usually, we do not deal medicines, because some countries ban to be shipped from person to person. We had a request through one of Cherry’s best friends in HongKong.

One of her friends want us to ship Vitamin C, called Cystina C. We told them that to check whether HK customs would ban to be imported or not, and they told “Seems OK”. So, we did.

They are in glass bottles, heavy bottles, and we wrapped pretty carefully. They were wrapped by bubble wrap, and covered.


Few days ago, seemed it was delivered to the customers place safety. Good.

If you need this product, ask us! We do as customs order. Please check whether your countries customs accept medicines imported by mail or not. In case of prohibited and removed by the customs, we could not refund it. Order us in your own risk. Ask us from “Contact US“.

Price; JPY9,000 (3 bottles)
Shipping; JPY2,000 (Asia)
JPY2,500 (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ)
JPY3,000 (Russia, Europe)
Shipped by EMS.

*The price could be changed in situations.

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Personal Review of IPSA Cleansing Oil EX

Ipsa Cleansing Oil EX is often ordered makeup remover.
I (Cherry) bought for myself, and share with you my review.

I applied RMK Gel Creamy Foundation. The color is 102.

Eyeshadows are SUQQU Blend Colr Eyeshadow EX14 Momoawayuki

Lip is Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips

Mascara was Facio, Lunasol Blush, and THREE’s Eyeliner Pencil.

Letters are written by Coffret D’or Eyeliner

See how EASY TO REMOVE!!! THREE’s eyeliner is a waterproof, and Facio is also! I do not need to explain!!!

I know there are many number of people who are saying cleaning oil makes my skin drier. Hmm, my skin is dried, but I can not stop using cleansing oils, because it is pretty easy to remove my makeup. And cream removers or gel removers, especially gel removers often contain alcohol, I prefer oils more than alcohol.

It contains something herbal smell, but it is not strong, and some would not feel anything smell, I am sure.

We strongly recommend to use face wash after removing your makeup with this product.

Check the latest price, and order from here; “IPSA Cleansing Oil EX“.

Best Seller of Aug 2014

One of the most ordered was foundations in Aug 2014.

Suqqu Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation N, Liquid Foundation N, and Moist Pact Foundation N which is new for Sep 2014 were often ordered. To be honest we were surprising to have lots of order of Moist Pact Foundation N.

On Sep 2014, SUQQU, RMK, Albion are producing new foundations. Please check New Items.

We got a sample of SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation N, and we may have RMK Creamy Foundation N, we can show you Cherry’s personal review of this product pretty soon.

The color was SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow and SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist. Seems Bright up Lipstick have not earned good reputation yet…

We also had many orders of brushes like SUQQU Cheek Brush.

Check Best Seller of Previous Month.

In JPY Branch, Fancl Moist line was pretty often ordered. We are going to make a set, which is easier to obtain them.