Personal Review of Fancl Botanical Essence Lotion

Fancl Botanical Essence Lotion is one of the products of what we chose for Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Feb.

Sorry, I was really busy and my skin condition was not good. In Spring, I have a problem of my skin condition, too dry, and extremely sensitive. I may tell about that later.

My skin condition is better and better now, and I can write for you about this.

Seeing this bottle, I had thought this is a spray style product.

I am afraid of you can see liquid on my palm. I have a image of the term of “lotion” as burble, runny. But this is a little bit more sticky product than I had thought. Comparing with Fancl’s other lotions (excluding Acne Care, as I had used), this is not pretty much sticky.

Because Fancl lotions are tending to be sticky, you have less need to use tons. So, I pretty like bring Fancl bottles for my vacation. (I am almost a backpacker, I don’t sleep at the airports nor stations, I rarely stay at youth hostels. I said “rarely”, yes I had stayed at hostel’s dorm at my vacation at Hong Kong!!! It is the first time to do that in this 8 years!) Anyway, if you are a person who travel a lot, you may agree with me that small sized belongings are better! And the second reason why I bring Fancl items for travel, sometimes my skin are coming to really really sensitive. There are really few items what I can use.

Oops, they are another story :)

Back to my review of this Fancl botanical lotion, I felt something quite quite few smell, what made me to scare to use. Long story short, I should have not worry about that. This is by Fancl!

There were reasons why I was afraid of using. I thought this smell is from Ethanol. I had told you that my skin condition was pretty bad in this Spring. Even my skin condition is better, I feel small stinger on my skin applying lotions including Ethanol. When I use those products in this super bad condition? I had thought I should be jump into pool with strong pain. Because of this, I could not use to write a review for you.

Seems that smell is from something other, essential oils or something.

Anyway, there are no stinger :)

This lotion is sticky, but on my skin, this is really smooth. Usually I don’t need to apply Fancl Lotions a lot, but when I feel my skin is quite dry, I used really a lot. Push on my hand, apply, push and apply… It was like “drinking”.

I have to admit, for my dry skin, I needed lotions to moist more and more.

Maybe while my skin is not pretty much dry, it may better to use. I apply this just after Albion milks, and after this lotion, I also applied Botanical Force Emulsion. This method was good for me.

I guess for the people with dry skin (like me), you may also need other items to moist.

Guess this Botanical Force may be “Light” type in Fancl’s other lines.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: FANCL BOTANICAL ESSENCE LOTION


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Personal Review of Fancl Botanical Force Essence Washing Foam

Fancl Botanical Force Essence Washing Foam is a face wash and one of the items what we chose Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box March 2015.

Today, let me (Cherry) share with you my personal review of this face wash.

I often use other brands, but Fancl is the brand what I return to. This Botanical Force is a new line. I was a little bit excited to use.

Oops, not pretty good quality.

But you may know we are taking photos by ourselves and this product is a paste type face wash.

I used cold water. Yeah, it is not pretty good to make rich bubble. But see this!


I could make rich bubble. Those rich bubble will help you to wash your dirt gently. Do not try to touch your face by your hands. Keep bubble as cushion between your hand your face.

I dislike perfumed products, but I love scent of essence oils. When I opened the tube, I found there are herbal scent. Nice!

I had thought this may good for me, when I rinsed well,  sadly I found my skin is dried. This is too strong for my skin now.

The good point is, I did not feel any stinger or something irritated on my lips and eye rids.


I do not recommend for you those who has dried, rough, and weaken skin like me. This is too strong for you. I recommend Ignis VQ Face Wash if you like those tube type face wash. It is another kind of herbal scent. THREE Balancing Face Wash is also attractive, but it may also stronger than VQ.

I guess this is the product for you who are looking for face washes which clear your dirt well, and refresh. 

I will try to use this on Summer.

Please heck the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Botanical Force Essence Washing Foam


Shade Swatch of Albion Gel Mask & Tight Film Foundation

Recently, we have lots of order of Albion Gel Mask Foundation. We also have questions of the shade, and the difference between Gel Mask Foundation and Tight Film Foundation.

OK,ok. Let me show you one by one.

Pointing out the difference

From up to down.
Lancome Tient Miracle Foundation #O-01 (just for compare)
Albion Gel Mask Foundation #050
Albion Tight Film Foundation #050
Albion Tight Film Foundation #040


Tient Miracle is liquid foundation, and compared with this, both Gel Mask and Tight Film are harder, especially Tight Film never runs down on my arm. This is the very “Film”.

Shade Swatch

Here you are. I took too much of Lancome :( Anyway, you may see Lancome is setting their standard color in Japan more yellow to ochre. Albion is setting pinkish.

Let me focusing on Albion.

Seeing Gel Mask is more natural finish, and Tight Film is a little bit glow finish  for me.

Gel Mask #050 VS Tight Film #050

I can not say the share of Gel mask #050 and Tight Film #050 are 100% the same.

But it could be the difference of the quantity. When I reviewed the foundations one by one (see also Review of Gel Mask Foundation & Review of Tight Film Foundation ), I was surprised the coverage of Tight Film. But reviewing the foundations once, both are almost the same coverage. If you are looking for sheer coverage, both are not for you. If you prefer middle/ medium coverage foundations, please spread thin layer.


Tight Film #050 VS Tight Film #040

I was asked which is “natural”. You know… it is perfectly up to races :( Both are categorized as “beige”. For Asian, #050 maybe more natural, and if you have less yellow factor, my recommend is #040.

Seasonal Change

As I had shown you, we could obtain samples of #050 of Gel Mask Foundation, #040 & #050 of Tight Film Foundation.

It is May now, and still it is dry. But we are facing rain season. Hot and humid Japanese Summer is 2 corners away. Cosmetics stores are already ready for Summer. In case of foundations, they are changed items from for dry season to for sunny & humid & sweat season.

According to Albion, Gel Mask is including capsules of hyaluronic acid what keep your skin moist. This is for Autumn to Winter, the dry season. So, there were quite few samples of Gel Mask on the Albion dealer store, and #040 were already gone.

Tight Film is the item of all season. They are focusing on the effect of “shaping your face up”.

Japan is humid islands. I am a traveller, and I had been to South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Michigan, Connecticut, New York, Nordic countries, Austria, and Germany on Summer. Japanese summer is drier than Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, a little bit humid than South Korea, but MORE humid than MI, CT, and Europe. I felt it was not big difference between Manhattan and my place on mid summer, as I remember.

Especially on Central Europe, it was super dry summer for me.

It is what I wanna say that you have no need to hesitate to order Gel Mask Foundation in your mid summer.

Especially Central Europe, it is SO dry for Japanese. And in Hong Kong, you use super strong air conditioner, and I know some of you have no need to go outside from your home to your office. For such people, moist type foundations are recommended.

Please check the shades and prices: Albion Gel Mask Foundation (in JPY Branch), and Albion Tight Film Foundation (in JPY Branch).

If you wanna try samples of Albion Gel Mask Foundation #050 or Albion Tight Film Foundation #050 (there are no #040 now), please feel free to ask us from the comment or “Contact us”. None can read your massage on the comment. We have to charge you the shipping and handling cost, it is up to the place to be shipped: Give you the example to the States and Australia, it is USD3 without tracking, and USD10 with tracking.

First come, first served :)


Personal Review of Fancl Botanical Force Essence Cleansing Oil

We chose “Fancl Botanical Force” as our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: April 2015.

Please let me share with my personal review of Fancl Botanical Force Essence Cleansing Oil.

Unlike Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, you have to screw up the head to use. After starting the bottle, you can keep the head up. If you wanna carry this bottle, you can screw down the head.

Let me show you on my arm.

The color is not 100% transparent.

There are no perfume of this cleansing oil. That’s good for me. I was afraid of this is including mint essence or something, which I often feel stinger on my lips and eyelids, fortunately there are no such things.

I massaged gently on my arm by my hand.

Still you can see “eye” which I drawn by Coffret D’or eyeliner Super Sharp. This is the very the most hardest item to remove, as I had tried!
I kept touching gently, and add water. In this time, I am showing Avenne Water.

See. The water drop is coming to white. This is “emulating”.

I emulated with adding water few by few, and wiped with tissue.

See, I could remove perfectly!

Some says cleansing oils make my skin drier. That’s true, you used 3 or 4 times per a day. (Yes I know that to review makeups or foundations…) But once a day or less, I guess there are less problem.

Don’t forget add water few by few to emulate!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Botanical force Essence Cleansing Oil

Makeup with blue eyeshadows

Few days ago, I (Cherry) went to a counter of Albion to pick my Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV. BCs were not pretty much busy, I could ask one of them to told me the makeup on the mode.

She used Elegance Cruise eyeshadows: SO01, M08, and N10, as I remember. Seeing what she did, I arranged from what I have now.

I used RMK 2014 B, Christmas Makeup Coffet (kit).

Let me show you on my arm. I drawn my eye by Coffret Do’r Eyeliner Super Sharp. I designed left is nose.

1) Base

I applied the gold color (look like yellow on the palette) whole of my eyehole.

2) Color

Can you see blue-purple on the left above of the palette? I put this color on the left (nose side).
Face line side is the dark blue. Just point it by my brush.

3) Smudge

I  used the blue-purple and the white (it is bluish white) to smudge the edges of 2 blue colors. And I applied the white  on my under eye to hide my darker under eye.

4) Eyeliner

She used black eyeliner, but in this time, I drawn “eye” by black eyeliner. I applied THREE’s blue eyeliner (limited and sold our) to emphasis what she did.

Yes, she drawn a line only at the end of my eyelid! It was really interesting for me.

Horizontal gradation? or Vertical?

If you are a big fan of Japanese makeups, you may know we, Japanese often make a gradation by horizontal. I know in the States, you often draw gradation by vertical don’t you? I don’t know the reason why the difference. If you remember what I did when I just bought this palette: Personal Review of RMK B 2014, I change horizontal and vertical as the colors what I wanna use.

Recently I see some are doing by vertical in here too 😉

Check Elegance Cruise Fine Color