ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil

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ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil is an eyeliner.

This product is waterproof.This eyeliner is also our best seller items.

No perfume.

With a sharpner.

Choose your favorite colors.


01 Blackjack
02 Sugar Blond
03 Fanfare
04 Brown Bunny
05 Night Dive
06 Abbey Road
07 Secret Night
09 Rabbit Hole
10 Moss Ball
11 Moon Walk
12 Lady of the Lake
13 Color Purple

If you are looking for red color, try #12 Lady of the Lake, which is a dark red.

Price; USD56 (Shipping Cost USD11)

The shipping cost is already included. We don’t accept refund or return after your payment. We inspect each item for quality before shipping it safety to you.

Made in Japan or Made in Italy (We could not choose)

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